How To Install Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery on Supported Android Devices

Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery tools are being the main demands of the Android users. Using it users can install several Firmwares and can perform other tasks on the Android enabled OS devices. Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery are much better than the non touch screen versions.

Because in non touch screens you have to literally hold and press the buttons and thus making your time consumptions and raising other problems. But in touch screens it installs capacitive buttons at the bottom of the screens and hence easing out the installation task and therefore saving your time.

Requirements Before You Install

How To Install Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery on Supported Android Devices

  • Make sure ClockworkMod recovery supported by Smartphone.
  • A Windows PC installed with Android SDK for the downloading and transfer of files to the device.
  • At least half the charge of the battery is required before you go for installation else installation may fail if no battery power backup.

Steps to Install Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery on Supported Android Device

  • Download the Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery image file from the download link provided at the end of this post.
  • After downloading the image file you have to rename the file to recovery.img
  • Search for the file named as fastboot.exe onto the SDK folder. Now you need to copy the renamed image file onto the folder where fastboot.exe file is present.
  •  Turn off your Android Smartphone.
  • Reboot your Smartphone into fastboot by pressing Volume Down+Volume Up+Power Button.
  • Once these keys are pressed it will reboot your device into fastboot mode.
  • Open command prompt in your PC and switch to the directory which contains recovery.img and fastboot.exe.
  • On the other hand you can go to the fastboot.exe folder and press shift+right click and select open command window.
  • The command prompt window would have been popped up by now. Just enter the command as “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and hit enter.
  • This command will generate an action of flashing the recovery.img file onto your device.
  • Once all the above steps are performed you have to reboot your Smartphone and your Touch Based ClockworkMod Recovery is now installed.

Download Android SDK

ClockworkMod recovery image file

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