How to Remove DNS Changer Malware to save from Losing Your Internet on 9th July

The US court has already ordered some of the important measures in order to fight with Malware and finally the FBI decided to shut down all the rogue servers, along with users whose network is been filled up with infection with the help of DNS Changer Malware and as a result the user might not be able to Login in the Internet until he calls the ISP back again.

While if you are not aware about the DNS Changer Malware which came out into existence few years, then we bring you a short story to find it out more on it.

Complete Story on DNS Changer Malware

The Story started back sometime in 2007 when lot of people started to find out intrudes in Internet Settings, manual guessing of passwords and login in with help of unauthorized way. It was when the DNSChanger Malware came into place by a company called Rove Digital where they actually took some of the DNS servers to find out about the actual process. Soon the FBI poked into the situations and ultimately took over the control of everything from them and they did take some good measures to control the Malware to a great extent but not before Millions of $$ were already cashed out by the creators of Malware.

How to Remove DNS Changer Malware to save from Losing Your Internet on 9th July

If you take a close call on the DNS Changer Working Group, then you will find that as on July 4, there were already lot of IP Addresses which were been affected and it includes a small following list.

  • 45,619 IP Addresses infected in USA
  • 21,831 IP Addresses infected in Italy
  • 19,642 IP addresses infected in India

However, if you haven’t yet fixed up your system for Potential malware, then probably its the right time to fix before you lose your IP tomorrow and then call up your ISP provider to switch things back on track. The main thing over here is that the ISP might charge you additional pay for changing or giving you a new IP Addresses.

Now the FBI has already proposed to shut down the entire rouge servers on 9th July 2012. So its time to clean up stuffs before you lose out access to your favorite website Google, Facebook or even YouTube. Otherwise the malware would be accessing the system with the help of compromised servers from various Keyloggers, Trojans and other Malwares which could be one of the best source to steal various information including that of the Passwords and Credit Card details.

Steps to Identify Malware with DNS Changer Malware.

With our new Process, it will just take few seconds to find out whether your system is infected with malware or not.

Step 1. Just you need to visit the following and find out the report from them.

However, if you want to check Manually then here we go with the entire following process

Step 1. Just go to your command prompt (Run –> cmd).

Step 2. And then Enter the following command : ipconfig/all

Step 3. Just locate the DNS Server column and copy it.

Step 4. Now you just have to go to the FBI DNS Check page, and you have to enter your DNS which you copied earlier and paste in the box and then just click on ‘Check my DNS’.

Step 5. Now If you get an screen message saying “Your IP is not configured to use the rogue DNS servers. ”, then you can stay happy since you are completely safe now. But if they show that you are infected with malware, then its time to clear out soon from some of the best Internet Security.

How to Clean Malware from your System

You can check out the following tools from our best collection of Antivirus and Internet Security Tools to clean our system in all possible ways and find out the best possible solutions. Also alternatively you can also check out some of the awesome tools at

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We Hope you like the Solutions. Do share with your friends and let everyone be save from the DNS Changer Malware attack.

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