How to Search for an App in Windows 8

There are many applications in the windows store. But people at times get confused while in hunt for these applications. The UI of windows 8 is pretty different from that of windows XP, windows vista and windows 7.  As the start button is now missing, people find it difficult to search for application like games, MS office and other application. Instead Microsoft has introduced a window store where you will be able to find all applications.

So to search an app in windows 8, follow the following steps

–> Go to start screen an press windows button (search how to go to the start screen if you don’t know)

–> Click on the store option

–> A windows 8 store screen will appear

–> To search the application here, click on Windows+Q from the keyboard

–> A search dialogue box will appear, you have to choose store again in the list (This will filter the search only to the store)

–> A search text box will appear with the heading as Store. Type-in the app you are looking for and the app will appear.

How to Search for an App in Windows 8

You can also filter the search even more by choosing a particular category.

Therefore you will find the application in windows store.

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