How to Turn off App Notification in Windows 8

Different people opt for different settings. Few people may like instant notification as provided in windows 8 and few may find it irritating. Yes, this notification feature is one of the new features available in windows 8. This feature can end-up dragging people’s attention to unnecessary things. For people who want to turn off the application notification feature, here is the procedure to do so.

The functioning of windows 8 is entirely different from windows 7. There is no as such method to turn off the notification. From this tutorial, the procedure will become little easier and handy. You can also turn off the notification for particular apps alone.

The steps are as follows:

–> Press Windows+Q combination from the keyboard

–> The search screen will appear, click on the settings options

–> Search for notification and click on the option

–> A notification area will appear on the screen

–> Now select turn off for the application from the options, you can turn off the notification for some particular apps alone.

–> You will not be able to find some applications in the notification list as those applications may not support notification system. There are few applications which are yet to be upgraded to link with the features of windows 8 OS.

How to Turn off App Notification in Windows 8

Therefore, you can personalize the notification of windows 8 in the above mentioned way.

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