How To Unlock The Bootloader of Nexus 4 E960

If you want to flash your device with custom ROMs then the first thing you need to do is to unlock your phone’s bootloader. Some phones’ bootloaders are pain in the back and some are way too easy to unlock. Whatever it may be but software development is only possible once it is unlocked. If you own a Nexus 4 then it is very easy to unlock.

You can find tons of toolkits which are always ready to do most of the work for you, but learning it in a manual way gives you experience. It is all possible thanks to the XDA Developers member TheDarkDefender. Follow this Android Tutorial on How To Unlock The Bootloader of Nexus 4 E960 to know more.

Requirements Before You Unlock

  • Now you need to backup all your device data.
  • At least 70% charge of the battery is needed to carry out the task.
  • Turn off security systems on your device such as Firewall and any installed Anti Virus.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Download and install drivers for your device on your PC.
  • Read the guide fully and then perform the operation on the model specified in the title, we are not responsible for any erroneous outcomes after performing the operations.
  • Carry out at your own risk because the guide is provided for educational purposes.

Steps To Unlock The Bootloader of Nexus 4 E960

How To Unlock The Bootloader of Nexus 4 E960

  • Download the necessary file onto your PC from the download link.
  • Its time to switch off your phone.
  • After that you need to boot your phone into Fastboot Mode and you can do that by pressing and holding down the Volume Up+Volume Down+Power buttons.
  • Using a USB data cable connect your phone to your PC.
  • Once connected then open up a command prompt on your PC with Administrator privileges.
  • In the command prompt, you need to locate the folder where your Fastboot binary has been saved.
  • You need to make sure your PC recognize your phone so for that enter the following commands:
  • fastboot devices
  • once the command is entered you can see your phone’s serial no. and to begin unlocking your bootloader, enter the following command:
  • fastboot oem unlock
  • confirm the action on your phone. Your phone will reboot after this process.

Download Fastboot –

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