How To Unroot Droid Razr HD XT926 And Revert To Stock

No matter how many features you get on your Smartphone but you always itch to install the custom ROM. Especially if you own the Verizon Motorola Droid Razr HD XT926, but it comes with a risk of loosing your warranty. You can unroot it but once unrooted your warranty will become void and you can’t plea for any help from Verizon.

But still if you are bold enough then you can always unroot your device and revert back to the stock firmware. Thanks to the XDA Developers member Pzyduck. Read on this Android Tutorial on How To Unroot The Droid Razr HD XT926 And Revert To Stock to know more about it.

Requirements Before You Unroot

  • You will require a rooted Verizon Motorola Droid Razr HD XT926.
  • Now you need to backup all your device data.
  • At least 70% charge of the battery is needed to carry out the task.
  • Turn off security systems on your device such as Firewall and any installed Anti Virus.
  • Enable USB debugging on your device.
  • Download and install drivers for your device on your PC.
  • Read the guide fully and then perform the operation on the model specified in the title, we are not responsible for any erroneous outcomes after performing the operations.
  • Carry out at your own risk because the guide is provided for educational purposes.

Steps To Unroot The Droid Razr HD XT926 And Revert To Stock

How To Unroot Droid Razr HD XT926 And Revert To Stock

  • Download the necessary files on your PC and then extract those firmware packages.
  • The very next step is to pen the extracted folder you can locate the file named VZW_XT926_4.0.4-7.7.1Q-144_VQW_S3-34-25_CFC.xml file.
  • You need to open that file using a notepad and then remove all the lines that has the word “getvar’ and then finally save the file.
  • Next, all you need to do is to launch the RSD Lite program –> Press the “…” button.
  • Locate the file that you edited with notepad.
  • Next, just boot your Smartphone into AP Fastboot Mode and you can do that by turning off your Smartphone and then press and hold down the Volume Up+Volume Down+Power buttons.
  • Using a USB data cable you need to connect your Smartphone to your PC.
  • Finally you need to click start in RSD Lite in order to start flashing. Make a note it will take a while to flash.
  • Once the operation is done your Smartphone will reboot automatically.

Download Motorola Drivers –

Download RSD Lite –

Download Stock Firmware And Fastboot –

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