Image Displaying tool with Picasa 3.9 for Windows PC

Wouldn’t be great if all the Images stored on your Personal Computer be in one place rather than Finding and Searching them all over the Disk? Well in early days it was like that but not now. A Wonderful Tool called Picasa is developed to maintain all the necessary Images in your System.

Many other Tools were also developed for this purpose but Picasa turned out to be the Best among them in maintaining images in an awesome cool way. Picasa is an Image Displaying Software.

Free Download Image Displaying tool with Picasa 3.9

It is used to display various kinds of Images like Photo, Diagram, PDF image, Word file image. There were many version of Picasa like version3.5, 3.6, and 3.7. Latest version of Picasa is Picasa 3.8 and it managed with 38 International Languages.

Features of Picasa

Photo Viewer Configuration:

Photo Viewer Configuration displays many kinds image files like JPG, TIF, .TIFF, .BMP, .GIF, .PNG, .TGA, RAW Formats are also been displayed. It has option called Web Albums were you can directly transfer your albums in your Email ID. It is awesome user interface like Zoom with Mouse Wheel, auto-hide Photo Viewer action bar in Software and one beautiful Feature called Transparent Back Ground.

Picture Collage:

Picture Collage is awesome Feature by using many Photos you can give beautiful looks to your Photos. You can pick few of your Photos from Library send it in Collage Window in default Picasa will default Collage. You can edit in number of format like Rotate, Zoom, Cut, Tilt, Apply Back Ground etc. after saving new collage Album will be created.

Movie Maker:

If you want to impress your Friends and Families on various occasions like birthdays or anniversaries with lovable memories. Collect all those beautiful memory and transfer it in Picasa Movie Maker. Here after sending those Photos default Movie will be created. You can arrange those Photos then you can add attractive Effects. Even Audio can added to those Photos to make Movie Sound pleasant.

Picasa Help Forum:

Picasa has Tool called Help where you can solve your Query. Even Keyboard short-cut guide is provided. Picasa forum gives latest Information to user. Even you go Latest Updates of Picasa on clicking updates option in Help menu. New version will get loaded to view new features. It is awesome software.

Picasa Compatibility:

New version of Picasa is Compatible with Windows XP andVista. When you’re using Windows 98 or any older version Windows Operating System it won’t receive any new updates of Picasa

Free Download Image Displaying tool with Picasa 3.9

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