Improve System Performance Drastically with CCleaner Windows Tool

Windows users probably feel that system performance slows down, System/software crashes frequently. This happens because each and every software we install makes an entry in system registry files. This is the reason why so many registry cleaner softwares available over web. We are going to discuss about free, user friendly and efficient software.

CCleaner is one of the free and efficient software for removing unwanted, unused, invalid entries in registry entries. Cleaner improves system performance by deleting unwanted cache files, partially uninstalled software products and much more. After running CCleaner you’ll be sure of seeing system performance improvement and get some free disk space occupied by unwanted softwares.

Free Download CCleaner for PC Performance Improvement

Key features of CCleaner

Number One

  • Cleaner is the best number one software for cleaning software product for windows. It protects your system privacy online and makes system performance increase.
  • CCleaner is relatively a small, simple and effective tool to get used to do it.


  • CCleaner able to support most commonly using browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and safari.
  • CCleaner clears/removes browsers unwanted temporary files, history, cookies, download history and form history.

Windows Explorer

  • Windows explore are the responsible for opening all windows/pages in Windows operating system. The file responsible for that is explorer.exe in C drive .This files keep track of recently used and other unrelated parameters.
  • Using CCleaner user is permitted to clean the unwanted files from recent documents, run, cache, taskbar jump lists and other explorer musk.


  • What if the system itself stores unwanted data or kept data of unwanted and uninstalled softwares.
  • CCleaner empty recycle bin and erases temporary files, clipboard, memory dumps, chkdisk file fragments and windows log files.

Multimedia and Utilities

  • In Multimedia section CCleaner shoes about players like Windows media player, VLC player, Winamp, Adobe flash player and many more if u installed in system.
  • By clicking appropriate player user is able to see unwanted entries of it, by clicking Run cleaner it is cleaned.

Analyze and Run Cleaner

  • First of all user doesn’t require software that cleans automatically because it deals with one of important windows registry files.
  • So CCleaner provide user with analyze option only to check and display the unwanted, invalid temp files and other invalid data recorded by malwares.

Advanced Uninstall

  • What if  you install third party software it has no uninstall file or get corrupted, thus user is getting trouble to uninstall software. Windows default uninstall from control panel doesn’t work out for it.
  • We have solution for this in this software by clicking Run installer button in the CCleaner by selecting corresponding affected software.

System Requirements: 

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98 and above
  • Ram: 512 MB and above
  • Processor: Pentium and above
  • Memory: free disk space of 7MB for installation

You can download this tool at

Free Download CCleaner for PC Performance Improvement 

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  1. February 23, 2012 at 7:24 am #

    Hi Sunil,
    CCleaner is one of the best tool that I installing on my PC after formatting it.It helps me to clear unwanted cache files from my computer and speed up my PC.It’s registry cleaner feature is also awesome,it fixes selected issues from my PC at one click.

    Really nice information!


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