Improving Singing with KaraFun Player for Windows PC

Everyone who loves singing can now improve by using the players available just for you. You can now Practice anytime and at any moment with your privacy at your home on Computer, Smartphones or Online. There are a variety of karaoke Software available which can help you improve your voice modulation. One of the best karaoke Software is KaraFun Player. This is known for its simplicity and user-friendly nature. It consists of many advanced features and Synchronized with KaraFun library (10000 tracks). It allows you to create your own playlist, edit, delete and modify it, number of times you want.

Some of the advance features of karaoke software are Changes the tempo, the pitch, add live effects and choirs, record your performance, modify the background of the lyrics properly. It supports almost all the extensions available and around 10,000 karaoke tracks available on KaraFun directly in your software. KaraFun karaoke software is entirely free, but to enjoy the offers and entire library of karaoke tracks you will have to subscribe for $9.99 or $5.99.

Improving Singing with KaraFun Player Software for Windows PC

This karaoke acts as a Windows Tools that comes with radio stations, Blues, Children’s Music, Classical, Country, Jazz, Oldies, Reggae, Rock, Soul or Teen Pop, so everybody can find a station they will like. The Personalized feature of this Software acts as the major features which segregate other Software from this one. You can also adjust the equalizer’s sliders and come up with new versions of their Preferred tracks by Modifying the tempo or the echo level.

The Editor allows to create unique and funny karaoke files. Just like windows tools this Software also consists of keyboard Shortcut and easy and instant usage for users who are keyaholic, thus increasing the Speed of your input. You can also Perform default file associations that can be altered so that all karaoke formats are recognized, without affecting the other audio or video files.

Different users will have different taste hence providing the flexibility to get Compatible with every user, that is, it allows you to change the needs of one’s music and vocals.

This karaoke player looks like Winamp Player. Just like Winamp, karaoke also Supports full screen mode. You can also add custom background and fonts to the video, hence there are many modifying windows tools available here to edit and come up with your own customized video. You can download this at

Improving Singing with KaraFun Player Software for Windows PC

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