Innovation: What does it make Apple so much Big? [Infographic]

Yes, you have heard it right, Innovation is what makes everyone different from the rest. What would you call a company that has spread its wings in more than 160 profit nations across the world. Apple has certainly made it big in the past and still growing more with so many innovative product and their features with the best gadgets in the world including tablets, phones, home computers and all kinds of software applications according to the following information graphics.

Interestingly, you might not know, but Apple has already outranked some of the most and best growing companies of the world including Google, Walmart and Microsoft in the U.S. stock market. While, the iPad has certainly took all the market with it by making Apple, the most prestigious company of the world. Currently Apple is in a record of selling more than 694 iPads every minute. With the help of this stats, it makes everyone clear, how big Apple is actually and how big are its devices growing in the world. However, the iPad is not the only money making source of Apple.

However, many are more surprised by the fact that the iPad has made room for iPhone to grow more, and currently the iPhone itself is making 40 percent of the Apple’s overall revenue. While, in 2011 alone, the company has managed to sold more than 72 million iPhones. With these immense powerful stats, you could just imagine, how much big is Apple and what Future does it hold.

How Big Is Apple? [Infographic]

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