Instagram’s Story: Zero to One billion in 2 years – Explosive Growth [Infographic]

The Story of Instagram is really a fantastic one. While 2 years ago it was just an idea. This idea was particularly very good to be known as Burbn after Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger good enough to land $500,000 to launch. And with just time span of Eight Months, Instagram was finally out in the iTunes App Store displaying in the following information graphics.

However, if was just a matter of fact that by the end of August 2011, Instagram have already published more than 150,000 photos. And with just one year later, the number increased to a huge margin of the world’s biggest headlines – $1 billion, Yes this is what Facebook has spend to acquire this mobile photo-sharing app, being knowing the fact that its just 17 Months of the release of this App.

While, last week Instagram had launched an Android App which brought another one million users in just a single day. Mark Zukerberg has also promised that the acquisition will help the growth of Instagram even more and would actually help Facebook to monetize its Mobility. The Instagram story is pretty much likely to be a Dream come True, lets have a look in out following info graphics about what they have achieved and how they have managed to reach to Zero to One billion in span of just 2 years.

Instagram Story: Zero to One billion in 2 years Explosive Growth [Infographic]


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