iOS 6: Top 10 Best Amazing Cool New Features Out of All

Apple the genius in making smart devices has announced upgrades to its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. It has also announced its next new generation  OS that includes Mountain Lion and the most famous Smartphone OS iOS 6 at the 23rd annual developers’ conference. We are going to see the Top 10 Best New Features Out of All.

1. Siri

Siri is one amazing Feature that every Apple device user is familiar with. But now it is smarter with the new updates. All you have to do is ask her anything like for sports and scores and she will reply all the details all thanks to the Yelp and Open Table integration.

2.  Facebook Integration

For Facebook lovers it is now integrated right in your iPhone. You can perform all sorts of actions like post status, share, comments and get notifications that are experienced on your FB account.

iOS 6: Top 10 Best Amazing Cool New Features Out of All

3.     New Phone App Enhancements

If you are having any short term memory loss problems then this new feature will help you to remind about your call and text messages to be delivered in the day course with a feature so called Do Not Disturb mode helps in turning off calls and messages at night.

4. Facetime

This is one special feature for 3G users. Using this feature you will be able to call someone via 3G network and if someone calls back to your phone then you can very well answer on your Mac or iPad. How cool is that eh?

5. New Safari

To give you the best web surfing experience this feature has got all that you are looking for. You can save or catch web pages and can read them offline. You can even add App Banners to your favorite website.

6. Photo Streams on iCloud

iCloud is so in these days. Many users upload their pics and share them among their friends and families. But now users can share groups of photos over iCloud and one of the striking feature everyone can comment on them.

7. Mail

If you have gone bonkers by seeing spam and junk mails all the time in your inbox then its time to relax because with the help of this new VIP feature you will be able to mark people as VIP and their emails will be stored in a separate folder.

8. Passbook

This is yet another one of the great feature that allows you to collect all your ticket info, loyalty cards and all the other info in just one place for easy access. The location enabled feature knows what to show based on the respective place.

9. Guided Access on iOS 6

This feature is specially designed for a Nobel purpose. It is for the people like who has disabilities like autism remain on task and focused on content. It enables one to limit an iOS device to a single App by disabling Home Button and other features.

10. New Maps

If you are a Google Maps users then you will have second thoughts after using the all new Apple Maps. Apple is going to bring the turn by turn navigation for better user experience and this feature is vector based and voiced by all new Siri.

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