Is Too Much Tech Bad for the Modern Teenager? [Infographic]

This has always been an arguable point, whether today’s tech is good or bad for the young generations. However, one can argue on both the sides, but there is no hiding away from the fact that today’s teenager are so much addicted to the web.

While, you might not believe but People aged between 18-34 are having an average of 319 online connections which was presented by the recent Pew Research Center study as suggested in the following information graphics which is extremely contradictory to 198 connections of people falling in the range of 35-46 age group.

Some of the most interestingly study shows that about 63% of teenagers send Text Messages to friends on each day, while 39% are the one who speak to their friends on daily basis, and just 35% are the one who interact with their friends face to face. Also, you might not believe but most teenagers sends more than 100 Text Messages Per day.

While, adding some more to it, a research found that 21% people between age group 8 to 18 are more consumed to Media these days which makes to total of 16 Hours per day in continuous touch with the digital media. Out of which 47% of the regular users are been reported to get grades C or even below. So here is the information graphics which will show you how technology is affecting modern teenagers these days.

Is Too Much Tech Bad for the Modern Teenager? [Infographic]


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