Know Puzzle Solving Skills using Compression HD for iPhone and iPad

Compression HD is a game that will test your puzzle solving skills, grow your skill in game character and recruit new friends to improve in the world of Compression HD. You need to gather your friends and destroy a block before it destroys you and your friends and the game gets over.

It is a newly launched game and is making progress everyday with new players and new features so keep in touch everyday to understand the new features. It was a winning series in the iPhone and it is back to rule the ipad market as well. Join the world of Compression HD today.

Free Download Puzzle Compression HD Game for iPhone and iPad

If you want to play the single player version then you have a computer BOT as your opponent whose difficulty level can be changed according to your wish and ranges from the beginner to insane modes. You could also get your friend to challenge in the two player option and see who wins in the end. Try the different combos and moves just like a real Compression HD experience.

It has the option of being played in the single player mode or you can challenge another human player in the two player mode. It is hugely popular with all age group people, be it young or old. Compression HD is the only all in one puzzle game in the market today that offers you to play 1 or 2 pucks at a time.

  • Full Multiplayer option and functionality.
  • You play with the different mallet sizes that suit your requirement, the goals are arranged differently in different sizes to balance the smooth and fast game play as well as maintain the challenging situation of the game.

You get free tutorials and help in game to help you progress without much trouble and help you whenever you tend to get stuck up.
You can download the game for free from

Free Download Puzzle Compression HD for iPhone and iPad

It is the authentic site for downloading the game and you will also get he supports in case you need aftermarket help. Compatible with ipad and requires iOS 3 .2 or higher versions. You could also download many other games compatible for your ipad or iPhone from this site.

It is authenticated and is also safe and responds to customer feedbacks whenever required. The Bluetooth support is not available with the iPod touches and the first generation iPhone.

Meanwhile you can also check out various other iPhone and iPad Games at

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