Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook Analysis for Windows PC

Most of users are so moved up and interested in sports and specially cricket being their favorites. Cricket is such a game which fantasizes anybody’s mind, and so they really organize many things before playing cricket. They think of what type of scorecard they can make which can make it look simpler and nicer, and when there are big committees and organiser, they think of bigger scorecard and better ones, but making in smaller tools and software’s aren’t so easy, so a tool named as the Laver and Woods Scorecard, which is a perfect one to analyse and give you a better one of making and analysing your scores.

This Laver scorecard will give you how to analyse your score in a simple way, give you a sheet with a table where you can enter name of batsman, the delivery faced, runs scored by them, how they got out, and other features in respect to over’s at the bottom of the table.

Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook Analysis for Windows PC

Features of Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook

  • This tool can make you have simple or complex kinds of scorecards; all type of data’s you wish to enter you can as it is really a feasible tool to work with.
  • Make sure you have perfectly downloaded or your system has Microsoft excel to make you support this software in your system.
  • This system mostly runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista.
  • This can analyse your details, can give you spacing to what much you require to fill in your data, mostly enact as a database kind for you and nothing much else.
  • Even it supports multi-type data’s to be filled in within your record, and even make you have multi data’s hold at a same time.
  • It is simple to handle and date and time are written on the head, you can edit and post upon it when you want to as a print for hardcopy.

Even you can analyse more drawings by shifting or addition of rows and columns to enter the deliveries faced and result being done to show a simpler form of understanding. You can even make your own scorecard feature dialogues which are all already encrypted inside the tool, just use it, analyse the way to download and keep running your new scorecards.

You can even make more looks into scorecards, bring upon changes within scorecards and all. So you just need to toggle through the sidebars of the tool, and make yourself clear what kind of software you wish to pertain for.

This software can be downloaded from the following link given below:

Laver and Woods Cricket Scorebook Analysis for Windows PC

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