Learn Karaoke Music Lyrics Singing with Advanced Karaoke Player

People all around world are music lovers. Hence all would like to have a collection of songs and many opt for singing too, through not a professional singer they are atleast bathroom singers. Here is a better way to keep a collection of your songs rather than collecting CD and DVD’s and then messing up with hundred’s of CD’s to find one among them. Advance karaoke Player is what I m talking about as an alternative to your storage medium like CD and DVDs.

You can store all your favorite songs and can select any one among them by just clicking on it. It can be used without doubts in night parties, karaoke clubs and at home. You can change the interface of your karaoke software based on your taste and occasion like a business party, children party or a night club partying. It also supports almost all kinds of formats like WMV, AST, VOB, RM, RMVB, DAT, MPG, AVI. You can also add other formats without purchasing the hardware.

Advanced Karaoke Player Learn Karaoke Music Lyrics Singing

This software allows you to quickly access your karaoke files, so a party can never catch you unprepared. This software includes unspecified updates, enhancements and fixes bug. This karaoke Software also supports input devices including computer mice, keyboards, remote controls and touch screen.

You can customize the sound setting to provide the sound output based on your requirements, you will just have to preset the volume of the media player which will change the sound on specific terms like pitch, rhythm etc. You can also preset the non-standard tracks. This karaoke supports Karaoke DVD songs and DVD movie playbacks.

You will have to import separate decoder for rm , rmvb files and it supports two graphic cards. The only drawback of these Windows Tools is it supports only 50 Songs. Only 10 songs can be played at one time. There are some restrictions on advanced features. At times you will have to convert the songs to the format which is supported by this software.

To install this software you should have CPU of 500MHz, RAM of 64 MB, Computer graphic cards with multi-display support (video display to big screen TV or showing full screen video on TV). Some of the frequently used graphics card are GeForce4, GeForce5, GeForce6, GeForce7, GeForce8 Series graphic cards. To connect graphics card, shutdown your computer, Connect TV to graphic cards S_video port and then restart your computer. Download this Karaoke software at

Advanced Karaoke Player Learn Karaoke Music Lyrics Singing

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