Learn karaoke Music Singing Lyrics with KJams for Mac

KJams Lite is for Mac OS users, people who like singing and music and likes to have a collection of their favorites, then they can now relay on this Mac software. It resembles iTunes and allows users to download any number of their favorite songs and sing them in the karaoke format. This Mac Software has the capability to play almost all formats (MPEG, CAVS, KMA, MTU, LRC, UltraStar (SingStar), BIN, QuickTime, NEO+G, SuperCDG, etc) and you can also export songs to your iPod or iPhone.

This karaoke Mac software can Rip, Mix, Play and Burn CD+G format discs. You can create your own playlist and can edit, search and sort it. The search option can be carried out with variety of keywords like your playlist name, song name, artist etc. It also provides you with Apple remote control and also the freedom to change the pitch and tempo independently. The karaoke lyrics keep flowing over screen constantly along with the Music. You just have to Plug-in the microphone and sing along with it.

KJams karaoke Music Singing Lyrics Software for Mac

It can show the graphics full screen on a second monitor or TV, you can also export the currently playing song to the XML file and copy the list to the clipboard. KJams also consists of another version named KJams PRO, this Mac Software consists of all the features of KJams Lite along with new ultimate features like It can export to any QuickTime format, can manage multiple venue of singers, can manage scripting and second video window, can manage “rotation” smart playlist of singers etc.

You can manage your favorites, history and their “tonight” que, and builds the Rotation smart playlist from the singers marked with the help of this karaoke Software. New in this version is their Color label, key changes, BPM Web Server facilities, iJams, launch files and launch midi with separate program,  support for NEO+G discs etc. The Mac Tools of this software allows you to trim the start and end of the songs, set the Volume of songs and it will be remembered and reapplied to all other songs automatically, Supports FLV and WMV files too, can export playlists to CSV, provides Growl support and no video stutter.

Cons of this Mac software is you will require the extra burning plug-in and will not support all the drives. Download this Mac software at kjams. You will require PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.4 or better, QuickTime 7.1 or later, a CD+G capable drive to install this software.

KJams karaoke Music Singing Lyrics Software for Mac

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