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It’s not hidden that music in an important and entertainment part of our life, music is always an addiction, it’s a flavor which turns the way our mood is. Songs are a medium to express our feelings. Well, now the point is people like collecting their favorite music at different storage medium like floppy, drives etc. So, every time you need that song/music album you will have to dig in to the well. Instead, here is an option of creating a karaoke collection of music in your Mac.

Here I am going to describe about the iStar Karaoke is a Mac Software which will act as your storage medium, apart from that it will play you the karaoke of the song asked with lyrics for you to get another touch with the songs. Now Karaoke is not only available for Windows users, but also for Mac users. Yes! This karaoke Software is available for free!!! It allows you to do professional karaoke on your Mac using .kar, CD+G and LRC Enhanced files. This can be marked as one of the best karaoke software’s I have come across.

iStar karaoke to Learn Karaoke Music Lyrics for Mac

There are Mac Tools which allow you to import music to the player and create playlists of your own according to your preferences. You can search for free karaoke files on the net, download and use them in iStar Karaoke. It is known for its simplicity and for its user friendly interface. It is simple because all the tools are self-explanatory and the user will be aware about it and it is user-friendly because the lyrics for each song will be displayed with exact tuning.

You can personalize the way lyrics are displayed in size, speed and it visualization length. You can fill in your Mac with Karaoke and hook it up to your high definition screen to be a KJ (lik DJ for Karaoke). Something which is new in this is it releases addresses CD+G Playback, in particular the text not staying in Sync with the audio. You will have several hundreds of CD+G disk for storage. So, here is a chance to turn your Mac into karaoke machine.

In order to install this software into your system, you should meet the following requirements-

Operative System: Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) / Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) / Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

System Memory Requirements: Processor Power PC G4 / Memory RAM 512

You can download this tool from

iStar karaoke to Learn Karaoke Music Lyrics for Mac

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