Learning Made Easy for Your Child with Kids ABC Phonics on Android

Have your toddlers growing up and want to give them a pre school teaching? Well then Kids ABC Phonics Android Apps is all you need. This Android Apps is the best suited for your child to learn the basics of ABC and much more in the most attractive way.

Some of the children have problems in getting used to the alphabets and their pronunciations. But with this Mobile Tools it is as simple as that. With this Mobile Apps your child will learn the alphabets in the best fun manner that you wouldn’t even dreamt of. Let us see some of the features Kids ABC Phonics Android Apps provides for various users.

Features of Kids ABC Phonics

Kids ABC Phonics to learn basics of ABC on Android

  • This Mobile Apps has the amazing User Interface with all the various cute looking images that are likable to your kids.
  • This Mobile Apps is best suited for the children between the age group of 2 to 4 years old. Yes some children are smart enough to start learn at the age of 2.
  • This Mobile Tools allows your children to listen and learn the ABCs in totally fun loving different way with all the fun.
  • It is damn sure that your kids will learn the alphabet letter sounds with this user friendly Mobile Tools.
  • This app develops your child’s reading skills using a game in this app called Kids Learn to Read.

The above game has as many as four different child-friendly sections that allow your child to learn and read more easily. This game allows the children to hold and turn a Picture-filled letter block that pronounces the letter sounds. Your children can build letter blocks in their own unique way according to the sounds pronounced.

Learning letters using a game is more fun and in this game a bubble popping section is also provided for the toddlers to pop the bubble and learn the letters in unique best ways. Various animals and other fruits images with their name given such are also embedded in this app for your child’s fast learning process. So parents what are you waiting for? Give your child a better start at the tender age to give him/her the best Preschool education through this App. You can download this Kids ABC Phonics Android Apps from the official download link given below

Kids ABC Phonics to learn basics of ABC on Android

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