Live Online Backup and Storage with LiveDrive – Dropbox Alternative

LiveDrive is known more as Live Online Backup Service rather than just an Online Storage Service. Two offers are offered by LiveDrive: LiveDrive Backup and LiveDrive Briefcase (Pro). Unlimited files and Unlimited Devices backup can be done using LiveDrive Backup edition. The Briefcase of Pro Editions has all the features of the Backup Edition but also gives option for Sharing and Synchronization of data from unlimited online devices. Dropbox Alternative
known as LiveDrive.

Behind the screens of LiveDrive is Andrew Michael who founded fasthosts Internet Limited. Fasthosts Internet limited is one of the largest internets hosting company in UK. He sold his company in 2006 and dedicated his whole time for creating an online storage system similar to Dropbox that would give customers exactly what they need. It took two years to create a perfect rather better Dropbox Alternative, LiveDrive which has many features that are sure to please every one who want to secure their data with an online storage system.

LiveDrive Dropbox Alternative Live Online Backup Storage

The Online file editing uses both Zoho and FotoFlexer by which customers can edit at any time whereas the drag and drop features comes with Java. I guess LiveDrive is mainly developed for business users; however, the pricing makes it affordable for individuals, business users and corporations that want to ensure that their data will be protected at Online storage system with an excellent security.

LiveDrive is an Online backup system that offers a number of features that is not often included with other storage systems. It is mostly similar to Dropbox but provides customers with Unlimited space to store all their files, Photos, Music, digital contents and videos.

Features included in LiveDrive are Unlimited online storage, Synchronize files and folders throughout all computers, backup data online; access all files from the web anywhere, access al your files with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), drag and drop web upload and the ability of easy file sharing. A typical Dropbox Alternative.

Additional Features which is often not seen with Online storage includes the ability to access it from iPhone, BlackBerry, PDA’s. Movies can be watched on web, can play music on web, office documents can be edited on web, retouching or edition of images can be done on web, and facebook credentials can be accessed.

LiveDrive provides two week of free trial period. Fro standard storage you will receive 100GB web portal which is far better that Dropbox, Online file access and filing, the ability to install on one PC, Zoho and iPaper integration, integrated facebook, Online video player, access from Mobile Phones, total security, one click sharing i.e. easy file sharing and Synchronizing, Unlimited speed, 24×7 support by email, instant online activation for $66.53 per year and money back guarantee.

LiveDrive Dropbox Alternative Live Online Backup Storage

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