London City Gate Android App for London Olympics 2012

If you are planning for London Olympics 2012 and if you are visiting it for the first time then it could be tricky for you to look for all the necessary accommodations. Well, Olympics 2012 is one big event that you don’t want to miss out.

Well to make your trip to the London a free city guide from TripAdvisor so called London City Gate Android Apps is one amazing App to look out for. It has all the necessary Features that every users looks for when they are travelling out. So let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides for various users.

Features of London City Gate Android App

London City Gate Android App for London Olympics 2012

  • This App is fully featured with all the basic info for staying in hotels, eating at restaurants and much more.
  • The best thing about this pocket guide is that there are no data charges and the maps and navigation features are also available offline.
  • The content provided with this App is fully trusted and reviewed by millions of users, so you can trust it by eyes closed.
  • With this App in your Smartphone all the time you can explore all the exciting things such as important landmarks and many exciting places to visit.
  • If you think this App is very innovative and will be hard to use, but no this App is fully user friendly and easy to use, with amazing UI.

If you are searching for a coffee place near the Oval stadium or looking to have some fun with friends at pizza place which is much closer than you think and have no idea how to find it then this App is only for you with all the step by step routing of the info. Once you have found the destination then you can use the point me feature to guide you through the ways.

This App is fully GPS based that can provide the current location of where you are standing right now. If you are at some place and if you have no idea of that then this App has all the necessary city facts that will guide you with all the necessary details. So folks download this App and have fun travelling. You can download this App from the following official download link given below.

London City Gate Android App for London Olympics 2012

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