London Underground now on Android for London Olympics 2012

London Olympics 2012 countdown has started and it is going to hit the UK in about few weeks. If you are a new traveler to the London and specially came to visit the Olympics 2012 then this Android Apps will surely help you to navigate through out the city.

London is quite a mazy city and if you are totally new without any contacts or any guides then you will probably end up circling around. But to get you out of this mess, London Underground App will play a major role. Sometimes there may be mistakes in geographic maps about the city but not with the case of this amazing App. So let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides for various users.

Features of London Underground Android App

London Underground now on Android for London Olympics 2012

  • Actually this App is all about an interactive tube map that provides even offline viewing of places on the map.
  • It also enables you to plot your route on for the better understanding of the places and to minimize the delays that occur.
  • All you have to do is that just specify your source and the destination points and leave the rest on this innovative App that will automatically plot your travelling route through out the tubes.
  • The step by step plotting of the traveling course makes it easier for the user to navigate from one place to another.
  • If you don’t get along with the maps, well then there is a text feature too that helps you to understand the navigation info in a better manner.

It also enables users to have an idea of what is going underground and make their trip so to avoid the delay that may occur due to certain problems that may occur in the journey. Search function also provided in this App enabling you to search for the nearest hotels, restaurants and all the other things that you are looking for.

If you are not sure of your current location then GPS feature of this map allows you to locate your nearest tube and display it to you with the coordinates. So folks download this App from the link given at the end of this post and make your journey more interesting. You can download this App from the following official download link given below.

London Underground now on Android for London Olympics 2012

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