Loved, Lost & Lived Book Review

Hi Folks, we welcome you all once again to our blog where today we are going to review one of the best book on Relationship. Ofcourse, relationship has several meaning and angle as well. But in this book, the author has presented all of these in a slight beautiful yet impressive way. It’s one of the finest book we have ever read in our journey till date.

Loved, Lost & Lived Book

Starting of the story seem to be good. As and when you catch up to the level, the excitement keeps on growing even more and more. The excitement becomes so high that if you just leave out even a single page from the entire book, you would be always missing that part of love and romance. The author hasn’t used professional words, but indeed the words and sentences are so casual that everyone would be able to get the meaning the author is trying to convince from this book.

The author has made the book really interesting in every page of the book. There is one promise which i can make you now, once you start reading the book, you wouldn’t like to skip off until it’s complete. Trust me, it’s our words and would happen for sure, since the book is been made in a way where the excitement grows bigger and bigger on every page.

Loved, Lost & Lived Book Review

At the end the author gives out a simple message for this world to make a better place to live in. Do read out the story to find out an important message he is trying to explain with the help of this book.

Regarding Ishaan and Anjali (2 Characters) in the story, Did they meet in the end? Did they make it out to the world? Read out the love book to find more about it.

We give this book a 4.5 Star Rating out of 5. Hope you also like this awesome book. Go and grab your copy at

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