Manage and Learn Music Song Lyrics with karaTunes for Mac

This karaTunes is a Mac OS karaoke Software collection application. You can edit, save, create your own collection of songs in it. One of the best qualities of this software is that it will search for lyrics automatically from the iTunes library as soon as the song is uploaded. That means you can place all your lyrics data together in a single database.

You can also create our own sync lyrics and watch them while iTunes is playing. To match with the tunes of the song you can also set delay time for synced lyrics playback and use customized keywords for Google search.

Features of KaraTunes

karaTunes Manage Karaoke Learn Music Song Lyrics for Mac

  • Easy to use
  • Automatically performs the search for lyrics
  • Build Your Own Lyrics Collection
  • Integrated with iTunes
  • Search Lyrics Database with Ease
  • iPod and iPhone Support
  • Synchronized Lyrics
  • Export to QuickTime As above mentioned it is easy to use interface which can also search for your lyrics automatically.

You can build your library collection as per your favorite songs lyrics and other requirements. You can also synchronize songs with lyrics. If this karaoke software is integrated with iTunes then it will automatically display the lyrics of the song being played.

Therefore whenever you are using the music library then you can switch on to karaTunes karaoke and view the lyrics of the required song. The other way of searching is through importing the lyrics of the songs in iTunes and then perform search by a single click. One more way of finding lyrics is by using name of artists or song and then requesting for the search of the lyrics. If that particular song is not available in iTunes then it will perform a Google search in order to fetch results.

This Mac Software also support iPod and iPhone, i.e..this karaoke software is supported by iPhone and iPod also. KaraTunes also lets you copy your lyrics to the lyrics field of your iTunes tracks, so you can view them on your iPod classic, iPod nano, iPod touch or iPhone.

The Mac Tools inside this software supports LRC formats, so that it can synchronize the song with lyrics. With the LRC Editor, you can easily add LRC data to your songs. It not only supports the above given tools, it also allows you to view the lyrics along with songs in QuickTime. Therefore you can export the songs required into your QuickTime and enjoy them with the lyrics. With the latest version of KaraTunes, you can even add lyrics to music videos. You can download this at

karaTunes Manage Karaoke Learn Music Song Lyrics for Mac

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