Manage Contacts in Better way with Smart Contacts Android App

Many users around the globe who own a Smart Phone is suffering from various Contacts problems such as they cannot find the contact quick enough to make a call normally or during some emergency times. Well the good news for such kind of users is that Smart Contacts Android App enables users to maintain Contacts effortlessly and easily.

Let us see some of the Features it provides and Tools used in this App.

Free Download Smart Contacts Android App for Mobile Phones

Setting Up An Account

  • Once this App is installed all you need to do is set up an Account.
  • Setting up Account is very easy.
  • It takes only an ample time to set up.
  • It will Prompt user for creating a Xobni Account and asks details about various social networking sites login details to set up an integrated Contacts Accounts.
  • Get connected and enjoy the various Features as it is fully featured App.

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  • Finding Contacts and Email addresses makes an easy process.
  • It is capable of providing multiple Gmail Accounts.
  • Loading time is very quick for user convenience.
  • Can store Contacts in enormous numbers.
  • It can fetch info from Facebook, and various other social networking sites.
  • Smart Contacts Android App is the finest App a user can have to manage all the Contacts related details.
  • When logging first time it will Prompt user for ID and Password then a home screen appears with various options to set up Accounts with various people’s images who you may know.
  • It is also equipped with a search bar which enables to Search the friends and family members.
  • Once you search something into the Search bar it quickly fetches the desired results thus making the task of the user much Easier.
  • It provides various details of user Searched such as Phone Number, Mail Address etc.
  • If any member has any Social Site preferences then it can also be linked with his/her Account along with the Phone Number. How cool is that!
  • It provides fast and smart results in few seconds which is the most striking Feature of this Smart Contacts Android App.
  • It is used by several users Worldwide for Faster and Easy Contacts management and accessing easily without any problems.

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Requirements for Smart Contacts Android App

  • An Android OS enabled Phone.
  • Access to places where you store your Contacts.
  • Allow network access.

Download this App from

Free Download Smart Contacts Android App for Mobile Phones

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