Manage Your Files with ES File Explorer Android App

Having problems with managing your files and other necessary things that you come across in daily life? Well then leave these worries to ES File Explorer Android Apps. This Android Apps is fully featured with great user friendly Mobile Tools to offer.

This Mobile Apps is a free, all-in-one file manager, application manager, task killer , dropbox client & ftp client using which you can discover your Smartphone and PC easily. This Mobile Apps is the one of the best app in the Android Market that has been downloaded by millions of users. Let us see some of the features ES File Explorer Android Apps provides for various users.

Features of ES File Explorer

Manage Your Files with ES File Explorer Android App

  • With this Mobile Apps it has become easy to explore all the places in your mobile as well as PC.
  • Multiselect file feature allows you to select more than one file at a time and manage them easily.
  • This Mobile Tools has a File Manager which enables the user to perform various operations such as Copy, Paste, Move, Create, Delete and Rename, Share in the phone and PCs.
  • Compress and Decompress files is also made easy with this Mobile Tools and allows you to encrypt the files too.
  • Searching files and sharing it over the LAN is also provided with this amazing app that simplifies user’s most of the tasks.

This Android Apps also supports to view various file formats, docs, videos and much more. It also supports third party applications on the go. One of the best striking features of this app is that it enables the users to access their home PC, via WIFI with SMB.  It can also store your favorite photos and videos in the net drive and allows you to share them with everyone.

You can kill tasks that are not required by you. It is also equipped with the latest facilities such as Dropbox,, and Sugarsync. Bluetooth feature as known by all of you lets you share files with the Bluetooth enabled devices. Root explorer feature allows the file management for root users. With this tool you can access the entire file system and data directories. Just hit the download link at the end of this post and manage your files in a much sophisticated way. You can download this ES File Explorer Android Apps from the official download link given below

Manage Your Files with ES File Explorer Android App

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