Mario Style Monster Gaming with Doodle Jump for iPhone and iPad

A game that has been tagged by the gamers as well as critics as well as the most addictive game of the year, the Doodle Jump is the game where the Player needs to have those Precise jumping skills which are necessary in these games to take you higher up in the graph sheet. The Doodle is the character which travels along the graph with the various skills of tilting to the best possible angle and other such things.

This way the Doodle Journey through those various hurdles in the graph sheet present there to stop the progress of the Doodle. The Doodle has to make its way through the black holes as well as those bombs which it blasts of with the nose balls. The game is quite interesting as well as fun to play. It is simple and filled with fun. With every possible turn you can see the doodle crossing the Previous scores of other Competitors and passing them feels great. Creating a new record for your device is a thing that you would love to achieve.

Doodle Jump Mario Style Monster Gaming for iPhone iPad

Thus the gaming is quite an awesome one with those various levels providing more fun to the game as well as to the Player who plays the game. The game has received various acclamations from the critics and thus is one of the best sought games of the town.

There are various bonuses available at various places over the game like those rockets, jets and likewise which makes the doodle jump much higher than the usual one and thus cross more distance than ever. These are to be sought carefully as they are the only way that you can achieve a much higher target than the other competitors.

Submitting the score and sharing it with other friends is the attraction of this game, which s available to those who have the internet connection available in the device with the iOS. The game scores can be seen over the margin of the graph sheet that is the playground of the Doodle.

The platforms of the game are always moving. These Platforms are the places where the Doodles have to jump on to have a safe landing. Not only they are moving crazily but also are always breaking down or blasting off to make the Doodle feel unsafe in this moving world. The game creates a totally different world with its charm and that’s the place where everyone is stuck. Download to get addicted more from

Doodle Jump Mario Style Monster Gaming for iPhone iPad

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