Marketing and Business Skill Gaming with Punk Trader 2.0 for Windows PC

Love the business of stock trading? Then this game is made for showing off the brilliance that you have in yourself. The game involves the player to test their skills of marketing and business knowledge in the stock exchange, the game is pre-installed with the data of those stock exchange price movements, and while playing would take you to the random day of stock exchange.

The clock will start ticking after its 9 am and the Wall Street starts moving in its usual pace. The Wall Street is one of the most highly named streets in the world and is nothing but the stock exchange of the United States of America. The country and the various industries in this country depend on the share price index of the whole market.

Marketing Business Skill Punk Trader 2.0 Game for Windows PC

Thus the player has to be very much careful about the whole gaming as a mistake could take his company and the various associated c0mpany to the doom as it can cause a huge blunder their share prices in the market. The whole game is dependant in the market analysis, and it is played on behalf of the stock exchange broker.

The person playing the game takes up the job of a stock exchange broker whose duty is to buy the losing shares as well as to know the exact times when the shares should be sold in the market to gain maximum profit.

Your only objectives are to make profits from the whole buying and selling of the shares of the game. The share prices may rise at times and can allure you to sell those shares as well as can go down to such a low that it seems alluring to buy them off to gain a future profit. But one should resist oneself from getting into this trap.

There are cases where those big companies lost the share prices in the market, and those who bought their share by thinking that they will rise again in the market after a short while have gone down with the company as they didn’t recovered from the loss they faced.

The game is one of its kind and is helpful for those who are thinking of making a career in the stock exchange plus for those who are also in a though of buying or investing their money in the share market. Download the game from

Marketing Business Skill Punk Trader 2.0 Game for Windows PC

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