Microsoft Announces Xbox Smart Glass App for Android

If you are a hard core gamer then this news is just for you. Recently Microsoft has announced Xbox Smart Glass to take your gaming experience to the next upper level. It was announced at E3 2012, a really very enormous event for all the gamers out there. You may come across some news about the Windows Games from the Microsoft. But this news is kind of really big and interesting. Finally the most awaited Xbox Smart Glass got officially announced.

If you are unaware about its Features then follow this post to know more. Xbox Smart Glass enables you to connect your Xbox via your Android based Smartphone or Tab. How cool is that eh? With this it will be possible for you to watch movies, play various games and much more. One interesting thing is that
you can use your Smartphone as a mouse to browse over the Internet all thanks to the arrival of IE in Xbox 360.

Microsoft Announces Xbox Smart Glass App for Android

So all gamers out there fasten your seat belts and get ready to be amazed by this wonderful Xbox Smart Glass for Android. In the launch event Microsoft showcased some of the best games such as Fable, The Journey, South Park RPG, Gears of War Judgment and Forza Horizon. You must be thrilled to hear that they also demoed Wreckateer, it is kind of a castle smasher Kinect game that looks similar to a cross between Angry Birds and Castle Crashers.

And one thing you should know that Xbox Smart Glass is not intended for Xbox Live Gold members. In this DVD second-screen functions haven’t been incorporated in the cards yet so video contents either needs to be downloaded or streamed. Microsoft’s Xbox Smart Glass App is the latest product in this software industry.

Xbox Smart Glass lets you to transfer the videos between devices, you can control Xbox video games and you can view DVD-style bonus content too. And the good news is that it also works for Windows 8 and Apple platforms too both in PC and Tablets. So get ready to experience this new technology folks.

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