Microsoft Launches XBOX Live App for iPhone and iPad

Feeling bored at home? Want to have some fun? Then most of the users would hit for xBox for a real gaming experience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the users could have had xBox experience on their Smart Phone. Well the wait is finally over. Microsoft has launched an xBox live App. This App gives the real gaming experience much like a TV xBox.

This XBOX Live App is fully featured. It is supported over iPhone, iPad and iPd Touch. XBOX Live App has all the Features in the world. Let see some of the Features and Tools this App provides.

Microsoft Launches XBOX Live App for iPhone and iPad

Features of XBOX Live App

  • XBOX Live App allows to have fun with the user defined 3D Avatar.
  • An Avatar is nothing but a character that a user can design according to the game play and also can use the Pre-defined Avatars too.
  • Avatar has many features like a tie, pro clothes and facial poses.
  • By using this XBOX Live App user can interface to its friends in numerous ways to the friends online and can have all the fun in the world.
  • XBOX Live App also allows to manage friends list for which the user may interact to.
  • XBOX Live App allows user to interact with the friends online to have text based conversations.
  • The distinguished feature of this xBox Live App is that user can edit its Avatar.
  • Users can also update and edit the user profile.
  • By using this xBox Live App users can invite friends online to have some fun gaming experience.
  • XBOX Live App is mainly supported in Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • By using XBOX Live App you can compare your achievements of game with friends.
  • You can also have online access to the news feed and have some tips and tricks about the game and much more required information.
  • By using iPhone’s iTune this App can be downloaded for free without any cost.
  • The sour news for the Android users is that it cannot be installed over it.
  • But you never know in this tech world anything is possible it may be soon launched for the Android as it was launched for other Platforms in a very Surprise manner.
  • Well now the young generation has found a new amazing live App and a total time pass game that can be played with friends anytime anywhere as desired.
You can also download this apps for free from the download link below

Free Download Microsoft XBOX Live App for iPhone and iPad

2 Responses to “Microsoft Launches XBOX Live App for iPhone and iPad”

  1. Mayur Jain
    December 12, 2011 at 3:40 pm #

    wow amazing features. are there any chances that this app will be available for android OS?

    • December 12, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

      Yup.. absolutely.. if Microsoft could launch it for iPhone and iPad then certainly for Android as well this App would be coming for sure..

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