Microsoft Surface Tablets: 6 Reasons It Will Make Your iPad Look Ancient

Tablets are becoming a part of  life for human kind. Tablet trend is going on increasing day by day. People are changing their interest from mobile to Tablet because of various technological features they provide. Long time ago Apple iPad started this Gadget trend, but people didn’t had knowledge about it.

Microsoft Surface Tablet has boomed in the market. These Tablets are with super fast processor, with best and unique hardware ever known. Microsoft has opened with latest Gadget with one step forward by launching with touch screen.

1. Fastest Processors on the Planet

As you know very well processor is computer’s brain, by using this only all functions are carried out in sequential manners. Here Microsoft has launched two kind of unique processor tablets. First one is windows RT which will have Nvidia’s ARM chipsets, with windows RT as operating system. Another one is Windows 8 Pro which has Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge Processor with Windows RT as operating system.

2. Windows 8 Operating System+ Metro Style Apps

Microsoft Surface Tablets: 6 Reasons It Will Make Your iPad Look Ancient

Microsoft tablet have become means of recovering Windows 8 operating system from its debut. You have mind blowing Apps and with awesome metro style dashboard. Basically Windows 8 operating system is touch screen interface only, so only Microsoft has taken steps to promote this operating system using surface tablet.

3. Fully-HD Displays: Time to Wow

As you know today people are looking for clarity and unique feature in the world of displays. Here both Tablets are with HD screen, with Windows 8 Pro you can enjoy much more since it has full HD (1080p) with good battery backup of 6 hours. It has amazing magnesium casting metal body and it with fully finished edges.

4. Touchpad (Surface): One of a Kind

Surface Tablet is built with unique feature like you can use this touch screen pad by inserting touch pad with physical keypad. So it is easy to use this Tablet. One more unique feature of this Tablet is come in to action, that it is digital pen. Digital ink of this pen makes your task very easy, you can write or draw anything.

5. Ms Office 2013: Ahead Of the Future

As students mostly work on Microsoft office often. Surface Tablet has best MS office 2013 experience with RT tab. Due to its touch screen your typing might be slower. To increase typing speed already Tablet made with physical keyboard.

6. Slimmer and lighter than the iPad

Slimmer and lighter are two feature people will be looking for it. Yes, this surface Tab is definitely slimmer when compared with iPad with 9.3mm thickness and weight of this Tablet is 676g. It has storage size of 32GB and 64GB. Even you have USB 3.0 connectivity in this Pro version Tablet.

3 Responses to “Microsoft Surface Tablets: 6 Reasons It Will Make Your iPad Look Ancient”

  1. June 29, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

    With tablets, due to the presence of Apple in the market, it is not about features, size or looks… it is about “the experience” and Apple OWNS it!

  2. Kevin
    June 30, 2012 at 6:46 am #

    Whaa? Listen, I think the Surface is amazing, and I’m likely going to get one, but you’re assessment is really astoundingly wrong.
    The iPad 3 has a *higher* resolution than the 1080p screen at 2048×1536.
    The iPad 3 is *barely* thicker by .1mm. And it’s lighter at 652 grams.

  3. Ian
    July 3, 2012 at 8:38 am #

    I don’t agree with most of this…
    1. I’ll give you this one.
    2. Having Windows as the OS is only a plus if you’re a Windows user, surely?
    3. iPad is much higher res than 1080p
    4. iPad can use a bluetooth keyboard. I use one for typing. It can also use a capacitive stylus. I got one for £1 on ebay – it also works on my phone.
    5. It may have a better Office experience as it actually runs Office. iPad run compatible apps but I find there are always features that are a bit different which you may or may not need.
    6. iPad is about the same thickness, and is lighter.
    I’m an iPad user but the main advantage I see in the Windows tablet is that it runs a full OS not an expanded mobile phone OS. If iPad could run OSX it would own the market.

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