Microsoft Surface vs iPad: 10 Reasons Not to Choose Apple’s Tablet

Well! This digital world has made many great highs in market. Every day in this world some or other Gadget attracts new customers. Many brands are improving their selling skills to customer in various ways. Recently in Tablet tech, On June 18 Microsoft launched two new series of Microsoft Surface Tablets. These devices will come into market in near future attracting lots of new customers.

As you know that two different processor based Tablets has been launched by Microsoft. One is running based on Intel based option and other with ARM chip, both runs on Windows 8 OS. Few years back Apple had launched same kind of speculation Tablet as iPad. Some observers think that Surface will not be preferred.

Microsoft Surface vs iPad: 10 Reasons Not Choose Apple’s Tablet

Of course, Apple iPad has already attracted huge number of customers in past. Competing Microsoft as new launch would also like to attract many people. So people might Ditch Apple iPad and will prefer Microsoft Surface since it has many new kinds of features which are not available in Apple iPad.

1. A Bigger Display

First option when customer touches Tablet checks out how large is screen. When we check out, Apple iPad screen is 9.7-inch and before launch surface it was largest screen ever, but Microsoft put Apple back and came up with 10.6 Inch screen with high definition and awesome clarity.

2. Two Flavors

Of course in this digital world customer will prefer Gadget with more feature than lesser one. In some time Apple might also launch its new Gadget called iPad Mini to attract its customer again. But as I said people will prefer more features than brand. Surface Tablet called Windows PRO has awesome and best kind of feature than any other Tablet in market.

3. The Cover is Better

While buying any Tablet or any Gadget, people look for protection of screen. Apple has very good protection cover, as this feature was only strongest in market than any other Tablet brand. Microsoft has come with best protection cover along with new feature called turning Tablet into multi- touch keyboard and even into notebook.

4. A Full, Desktop Operating System

In past when Apple Tablet was in force, due to some technical error Tablet was running on mobile operating system like which was made for Smartphone. Of course some fans of Apple called for company. Later problem was recovered that was mistake. But here in Microsoft surface it is clear that Windows 8 PRO will be best one for operating system.

5. The Kickstand Is a Game-changer

Some people during launch of Microsoft asked about how to know the usability of device. So Microsoft introduced a feature called game-changer which shows usability of device. You can connect many more devices with Tablet and this Application will show usability mode of those device that connected to Tablet.

6. Ample Storage

One of competing feature in surface and iPad will be their storage area. Microsoft is available with minimum storage area of 128GB as an awesome feature. But Apple iPad has only 64GB, people store many files audio, video and movies in Tablet of course they require large space so this feature will be most important to be kept in mind.

7. The Windows 8 Elements is important

As already Windows 8 has enlighten customer in Laptop and PC. Here it is going to come in Surface Tablet with full fledge of excellence in running operating system. This tablet is going to be one of most comfortable and with lots of feature, awesome hardware and outer cover, and will compete with most popular Apple iPad.

8. Apple’s Experience Is Getting Old

As in this digital world people look for new kinds of Gadget everyday with awesome and new features. There was a million and millions selling of iPad in past but its time to change market with surface Tablet.  Apple tried to change its iOS in getting those customers back. But this Surface is just going to rock in this digital market.

9. It’s a True Ultra Book or Laptop Replacement

Those who are looking for new look of Tablet can go for Windows PRO version of Tablet since this has a feature of replacing Tablet with Laptop and Ultra Book. People who are just satisfied with touch Pad can go with Windows RT. Finally, Microsoft is going to come with huge number of customer than Apple ever had.

10. The Overall Design is Top-Notch

At last after going through features of Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet, it’s looking like iPad and Surface had same feature but surface is going to splash out market. It is very tough to say which Tablet is going to survive in market for longer period. Since both has some of the unique features which are not comparable.

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  1. June 30, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    The market place dominates, and until Microsoft can establish a developer healthy marketplace where all the latest and greatest apps exist it won’t be able to compete well with the iPad. Even Android just can’t match the iOS marketplace just yet but this may change in time. The price of the Surface looks to be iPad or more, this may actually help Google Nexus 7 dominate due to it’s drastically lower price and super high performance for the price.

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