Mission Attack Gaming with Chicken Invaders 3 Christmas Edition for Windows PC

What are you thinking? The chicken that you have planned to have in the dinner of the Christmas night have turned on to the enemies of the whole solar system. The chickens have invaded previously and have made it sure that the whole solar system is only inhabited by the chickens.

These are not the chickens of the earthly kind, but rather the chickens are those which have come from that intergalactic space. These chickens have got the power to destroy the whole humanity and can make the human race their own slaves through their egg bombs, which can be only repelled by the non stick egg helmet that you possess.

Chicken Invaders 3 Game Christmas Edition for Windows PC

The egg helmet can be a very useful stuff in this competition or rather the war against the chickens from the outer space. It is Christmas time and again you have to launch a fight against the whole chicken race. So come on, fight off the chickens. Don your helmet, get into the space ship that you have with you, fly it and make sure that every chicken is dead and your next chicken burger is safe from being out of chicken.

Claim your birth right from the chickens to have your chicken omelet and the burgers as well as everything that is made of chicken, and make these intergalactic chickens taste the soil of earth with each of them falling under your firepower.

Like the previous version of the same game, this version to have got the speed and enthusiasm involved in the game platy which attracts the gamers. The game got instant loved from those gamers who love arcade gaming and that too a fast and furious arcade gaming.

While there are various other levels and stage to be played for Chicken Invaders, which you can found out on our site.

This game may seem to you like a child’s play but in fact the game is for those who are efficient in the control and fire of the whole spaceship. The gamers who have played the previous versions will find the controls to be the same as it was in the previous version.

The game can be installed in any kind of PC, from the recent windows 7 to the older version of the Windows like those of the Windows 2000 and Me. This availability of the game for all kinds of platforms which not only stops only with the Windows, but can be installed in the Mac as well as Linux PCs also. Thus the game is an interesting one for the gamers. So download it from

Chicken Invaders 3 Game Christmas Edition for Windows PC

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