Mission Attack Gaming with Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk for Windows PC

Chickens and chickens and some more chickens and a few more. This is the game of the chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk. The game is just another in the legacy of the series of games that is in the same name of the Chicken Invaders. A popular game, which was launched years ago, has completed many of its successful runs as well as the success has inspired the whole team of the game developers of the InterAction studios to make the game a better one for the next level or the next version of the game which is to be released.

Likewise this game has got those few improvements done to the game play as well as the minute changes done which have affected the whole bunch of game playing. The legacy continues in this game where the same old story repeats itself as the chickens are planning to invade the earth with their yolk filled eggs.

Free Download Chicken Invaders 3 Game Revenge of the Yolk Windows PC

So let’s have some ‘egg’ fun. The game includes high end graphics as well as the sounds which makes the game feel racy as well as pumps in a lot of adrenaline to the players. The version of which we are talking here has got the effects of the few changes that have been made for it.

The game becomes a bit easier for the game play but not in terms of the playing skills, which is still in requirement for those high end skills for it. While there are various other levels and stage to be played for Chicken Invaders, which you can found out on our site.

The game has been specially designed for the multiplayer version. There are 4 players who can play ion this game together. The game is to be played over the game server, where the 4 people from different parts of the world can play making a team of their own. This team is the one which makes up the whole force against the invading chickens and protects the earth from being destroyed.

There are those 6 awesome weapons which could be used for the fight against the chickens as well as there is that special weapon which is lying secretly somewhere in the game, and needs to be found somewhere in the game.

There are 13 medals in the chicken hunt that needs to be collected. The medals are important for the progress of the hunting career that you are serving for the earth, the favorite planet of yours plus for the whole solar system. Kill the chickens and make them your feast by downloading it from

Free Download Chicken Invaders 3 Game Revenge of the Yolk Windows PC

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