Mission Gaming with Counter Strike Game for XBOX 360

A game preferred by many around the globe, Counter strike has every element of thrill and excitement in it to become favorite for millions. If you really like action, thrill, guns and warfare and making strategies to save the planet, then this is the game for you. It involves saving the earth from terrorists or if you like it, you can become the terrorist planning for the doom of the world.

There are many versions available for the game, which involves different advanced features added to the basic ones. But the fundamental features remain the same for the various versions of the game.

Counter Strike Game for XBOX 360 Free Download

The game divides the players into four different gaming modes. These modes are differentiated in itself for the teams of terrorists and counter terrorists. These modes are rescue/hold hostage mode, defuse bomb/ bomb target mode, guard an area/ escape from mode, guard a VIP/ assassinate mode.

The whole game is played in short rounds, and it lasts just a few minutes. This short time of play makes it more interesting and attractive to play. And if you are dead once fighting for the team of yours, you become just a mere observer and sit around as an invisible observer.

The most interesting thing about the game is the latest and awesome weapons available for use in the game. Each weapon has its own characteristics and needs separate mastering of the weapon to do well in the game. But having a strong weapon is not the only key for the game. You need to have a superior stealth ability to do well as you can be an easy target for your opponent team if you don’t have strong stealth ability.

Not only the playing modes and weapons make this game and its different variants interesting and so popular, there are various other factors also working for it. The excellent visual effects and sound effects for the weapons making the sounds of the firing guns so real that it becomes real fun to shoot and when the shot gets you a kill within an instant, it makes you jump in joy.

Same kind of sound effects is given to other game sounds like the breaking of glass, injuries caused by the weapons and so many others.

Though the game Counter strike is available in the market for a big price tag, it can be availed through Internet, though they are just demo versions of the game with some of its exciting features being removed. It can be downloaded from

Counter Strike Game for XBOX 360 Free Download

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    I dont have any idea about this kind of games but I heard to my brother its really nice to play..

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