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The game Starfront: Collision has been on the AppStore for quite a time now and involves a mix of a few games together. The game has been critically acclaimed for its well polished nature and design. The game involves a battle between three races.

The plot of the game, released by the Gameloft, involves two planets, one disintegrating and throwing meteorites at the other. The meteorites are the primary resources of three different groups or races namely the human like Consortium, the beetle like Myriad and the robot like Wardens.

Free Download Starfront Collision Game for iPhone Apps

Very interestingly the game which involves the human kind of race has been given a larger emphasis than the others. The game Starfront: collision is basically a strategy game which gives you the flavor of playing for all those three kind of creatures for different missions throughout the game.

The total number of missions in the game is 20, which is quite an amount for the portable game which could be played on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Out of these 20 missions, the peculiar emphasis on the human race gives it a toll of 8 missions in their name. Five missions are for the Myriads and the rest four for the Wardens or the robot. There are three missions in the name of tutorial.

The game is a copy of the strategy game for the Windows, Starcraft II, and is quite similar in its gameplay. The game involves the player to guide a band of unit, leading them to complete stealth runs, the things which are common to those who have already played the Starcraft series of games. There are larger battles too, where you have an objective to complete or an ally to fight along with.

The fights doesn’t involve any kind of plot development, as sometimes the allies are pretty curiously contrasting ones, with the Myriads joining there hands with the Wardens to fight the humans and in the next fight the wardens are making ally with the human race to fight the Myriads. Thus the whole situation is quite confusing and hence marks are deducted for weak plot construction. But for the game developers, the situation is just created to let the player go through a lot of different situations.

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But over all the game has scored well in the critics rating, and thus is getting along in the market for the gamers well and good. The price of the game is also quite low with the price tag around it is just $2.99. download it from

Free Download Starfront Collision Game for iPhone Apps

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