Mobile Map Software with BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS for Android

Hunting for best location to visit or stuck with a new route, unable to identify where your destination exactly lies, then don’t forget the “24*7 help service” which you carry with yourself. I am talking about your Android installed Phone which has many applications which can help you instantly with the services in them. Navigator PRO GPS is one among them which gives you perfect and exact information required.

Get GPS for the outdoors with offline topo maps through your Android Apps Mobile Something interesting about this PRO GPS is you can have hike trails without cell service. If you have any application like this or so, then you can install this application any time from ‘My Apps’ in the Android Market. It has Preloaded free Offline topo Maps which makes Mobile Apps the best, driving directions instantly, aerial maps, road maps all stored in your storage card. This GPS can be used for hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, & backpacker trails.

BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS Map Android Apps Free Download

GPS includes Aerial photography, survey explorer maps, topographic maps,Open streetmaps, outdoors maps and ATV trail maps. It is easy to use and provides detailed information, you can use the option of turning GPS on and off automatically. IN that case you can track the course/way every 15/30 sec instead of continues hours hence Save Mobile Battery too.

You can add GPS waypoints in longitude and latitude, UTM or MGRS grid reference and import it from GPX waypoints. It also allows you to create your own maps using Mobile Atlas Creator which can be used for navigation offroad. It will cost you around $9.99. It’s a one time payment and long time useful app, which can be used at different situation anytime. The main difference to mention is that all others use memory card which fetches you more cost.

You can use this for hunting trails, off trails like a place for wild games, campaign, forest area, snow adventure spots like snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing. It will provide you with fully flourished route for you to visit that place from where-ever you are located. You can also record the tracks your trip, all the while tracking your quest on topographic maps.

It is rated as better application than most stand-alone application and provides better features and results. It can be a fun fiesta or also a tool of useful information depends upon every user’s need. Hence it’s worth paying and utilizing the facilities available. Download this Android application at

BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS Map Android Apps Free Download

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