Mobile Operating Systems: iOS vs Android [Infographics]

Everyone is aware of Android, operated by Google, is one of the top growing Operating System for Mobiles OS and is also listed out in the best selling OS for Smartphone. While iOS is also a Mobile Operating System for iPhone and iPad which is been operated by Apple.

While you might not believe that today Apple store contains more than 500,000 iOS Apps but the growth of Android Apps has been superb and fantastic with over 520,000+ Apps as explained in the following information graphics.

However, Google and Android both are looking forward to capture more share in the Mobile Market and is trying to produce more and more effective approach for the Mobile and Tablet industry. Look at the following info graphics where we have compared both the top Mobile OS in the market: iOS vs Android.

Operating Systems Comparison: iOS vs Android [Infographics]

Source: Hunch

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