Moto GP 2 Motorcycle Game for Windows XP and Windows 7

Moto GP is not only one of the favourite sports to watch, with its thrill and speed letting a cold chill through the spines of the audience. It is one of the most popular games of all time, which doesn’t get old even if it stops producing newer versions. The experience of playing the Moto GP for the first time on PC or on PlayStation is unforgettable for every game.

The thrill of driving your bike at those high speeds and letting your body down to take a curve or overtake someone, makes you feel yourself sitting on the bike itself. The game is readily available in the market and with its newest version Moto GP 2010/11 already in market, the enthusiasm is still to die from the favourite sport of millions, bike racing.

Moto GP 2 Motorcycle Game for Windows XP and Windows 7

The newest version of the game promised to get the handling and racing of the bikes to different levels. And it has done the same and kept its promise. The game involves a few bikers racing for the ultimate World Championship title. There are different modes and circuits as well as bikes which are to be unlocked to play the whole game. Each time you win a race with the asked time, a new track gets opened up for you as well as a new kind of bike.

It is the ultimate love for the bikers as well as gamers. The bikers can avail the thrill of driving on the world class motor bikes, which are often out of reach of a general bike lover due to its high price as well as unavailability.

The interesting elements of the game also involve the game sounds and the various soundtracks of the game. The sound of the bike engines zooming around the tracks is a fascinating thing.

The most interesting thing about the game is that you can ride as your favourite rider of the original World Championship of Moto GP series, or if you like, you can also challenge those starts of the driving arena. There are various challenge modes which involves your skills to be practiced and no other competition there.

The game is available free on various sites online, but the newer version is still to come online as free download. If you like to test the older versions of the game you can check in here for a free version of it

Free Download Moto GP 2 Motorcycle Game for Windows XP and Windows 7

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  1. May 2, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    Moto GP is one of the best bike racing games i have ever played. It has awesome blur effect also while driving available only in manual.

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