Mozilla Firefox 9 Beta out today with new features, Download it now

Web Browsers are softwares which allows user to retrieve, present and traverse data resources over the World Wide Web (WWW).A data resource is Accessed by using URL. Browsers are also refer to as application software to enable user to Access, retrieve and view documents and other resources on the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox is the second most widely used Browser across worldwide. Mozilla Firefox coded in C/C++, JavaScript, CSS, XUL, XBL.Thus it is open software it supports multiple Platforms.

Free Download Official Mozilla Firefox 9 Beta Web Browser

Features Mozilla Firefox 9 Beta

For displaying WebPages Mozilla uses Gecko layout engine, which supports most current Web standards.

1. Tabbed Browsing

  • Mozilla Firefox has Tabbed Browsing option that enables user to interact with more than one Web page at a same time.
  • Special option “undo close Tab” Permits user to open the Tab accidentally closed.

2. Super Speed

  • Allows viewing Websites faster, using less of user’s computer memory.

3. Spell check

  • Unique spell check option available in Mozilla Firefox that enables user to input Website URL quick and ease.
  • Spell check option reduces spelling mistakes.

4. Download Manager

  • Download Manger Permits downloading of software files, videos, audio and raw data to be Managed in separate window.
  • Download Manager allows downloading multiple files at a same time depends capacity of system and Speed Internet connection.

5. Private Browsing

  • Mozilla Firefox implements private Browsing enables user to Browse the Internet without leaving a trail in Browser.
  • This feature prevent anyone else who might be using your computer from viewing what sites you visited and what you looked at on the Web.

6. App Tabs

  • App Tabs allows Browser to keep live of user’s favorite Web apps/programs like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter and Accessed by one click.
  • To add a Webpage to app Tabs right click on title bar and click pin as application Tab.

7. Add ons

  • Mozilla Firefox sTable release 8 has inbuilt Adobe Acrobat and Picasa 3.0.
  • Users can also download add-ons over Web from third parties for customization of Browsers.

8. Multiple Platforms

  • Mozilla Firefox is open Source it supports multiple operating systems ex: Windows, MAC, Linux and Many more.
  • Mozilla Firefox runs on different Platforms makes it as Platform independent.

9. Open Source

  • Mozilla Firefox Browser is designed as open Source it can be customized by users according to their requirements.
  • All Open Source software are free of cost, thus it makes Mozilla Firefox sTable version free.

10. Organised Tabs

  • Panorama lets user drag and drop Tabs into Manageable groups which user can organize, name and arrange in a visual appearance.
Download it for free over here

Free Download Mozilla Firefox 9 Beta Web Browser

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