Multiplayer Gaming Experience with Battlefield 3 for Windows 7

In the kingdom of online combat, the game Battlefield 3 gives thrills that a small number of games can match. When it comes to practical battlefields, no one does it quite similar to the Battlefield series. It has a very long past of creating extensive conflict zones where the players have a thrilling range of ways to make influential contributions to the war attempt.

The spirited multiplayer mode in the game continues true to custom, delivering an online combat skill that is astoundingly immersive, addictive and thrilling, with modifications and new fundamentals that make the well-known action feel bright. Unluckily, the old single-player campaign does not succeed to take advantage of the powers of the series and experiences like an off-brand replication.

Free Download Gaming Battlefield 3 PC Game for Windows 7

The six supportive missions charge better and present a hard-hitting challenge, however only the competitive multiplayer offers a forceful reason to purchase Battlefield 3. With online battles this outstanding is all you need.

Advantages of Battlefield 3:

  • It has varied and deep multiplayer competition
  • Overwhelming collection of vehicles
  • Many stunning environments
  • Incentives teamwork attractively

Disadvantages of Battlefield 3:

  • Battle is unsatisfactory and dull
  • Only six accommodating missions
  • No way to carry out jet flight outer of multiplayer

System requirements for battlefield 3:

  • OS- Windows 7 64-bit
  • Processor- Quad-Core CPU
  • Memory- 4GB
  • Hard Drive- 20 GB
  • Graphics Card- DirectX 11 compatible with 1024 MB RAM (NVIDIA
  •  GEFORCE GTX 560 or ATI RADEON 6950)
  • Sound Card- DirectX compatible
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • DVD ROM Drive

A good number of factors that unite to make the battlefield series as fine as they are, the majority of which will be recognizable to the veterans series. The nine immense maps position the stage for up to 64 players to struggle it out in an assortment of industrial, urban and military locations.

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All these places look beautiful, through the blue skies and grassy hills of the Caspian Border are of course more attractive than the dull urban walkways of the Grand Bazaar. The maps differ widely in dimension and present dissimilar environmental elements, together with coastal roads, claustrophobic tunnels, desert plains, and a multiplicity of multistory structures.

Lots of artificial structures can be spoiled or shattered by the volatile gears at your disposal, making new permeation routes or confiscating cover positions. The maps are planned to make chances for combat at all sorts, and the constituent of destruction allows you control the environment to make even more. You can download free from

Free Download Gaming Battlefield 3 PC Game for Windows 7


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