NetNewsWire – Google Reader Collection for Mac OS X

NetNewsWire is an RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OS X. it is very easy to use, the three paned interfaces is similar to Apple Mail. You can read news from the millions of weblogs and sites that publish RSS feeds. It provides more news than safari and mail. It is also synchronized with the Google Reader and with NetNewsWire for Macintosh and FeedDemon for Windows by NewsGator. Everytime any update is made the interface is not changed/affected when you are on it.

If you are using this app, then the update is done automatically in your iphone, ipad, desktop etc. so once if you have read an article or notes, then that will automatically be marked as “read” at all your access points. You can star items or send them to Instapaper to save them for later. You can email articles or post links to twitter to share with friends.

NetNewsWire - Google Reader Collection for Mac Mountain OS X

There is a mail like interface which gives a shallow learning curve, you can flag, organize and read news feed. The interface supports tabs, gives you copious options for sorting and managing your feeds. You can fetch the news from millions of site and view them.

Features of NetNewsWire

  • It consists of tabbed browser, hence you can stay on the same page and view the whole article
  • It is simple yet sophisticated
  • You can perform the search using standard Apple search widget
  • Flagged feature allows you to mark the items which you want to have it separately
  • It also includes smart lists, search subscriptions, built-in styles, and AppleScript support
  • It contains a built-in categorized list of feeds that can be easily subscribed to
  • It also support importing and exporting your feeds, and sharing integration with Instapaper, MarsEdit, VoodooPad, Twitter, and more

Apart from these features it consists of a filter facility which filters your feed without actually removing the feeds itself, something that makes looking for specific news a lot easier. These advantages make this app the best among all. But when it comes to cons of this app- you don’t have a proper option of viewing the read items, there is no proper search either so it becomes a limitation which might affect many users.

There is no icon to take you to the home screen directly. You will have to open the app again to check how many unread items are left. Though there are cons, this app is still preferred by many users. To download this you can click on the following link

NetNewsWire  – Google Reader Collection for Mac OS X

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