Norton Mobile Antivirus and Security for Android Smartphones

Norton after producing Anti Virus and Internet Security software for desktops its times to deliver in the field of Smarphones. Norton Anti Virus & Security Android Apps provides total security. This Android Apps protects your device against malware, theft, adware and other Internet Security issues that arises these days.

Norton Anti Virus & Security Android Apps protects all the data on your Smartphone which are very important to you can you don’t want to lose them at any cost. Internet Security is provided at the most powerful level and secures your browsing experience from online security threats.

Let us see Features and Tools Norton Anti Virus & Security provides for various users.

Features of Norton Anti Virus & Security

Norton Antivirus and Security for Mobile Android Smartphones

  • This App provides total security in case if your mobile phone is theft by someone. Now it is easy to locate your phone and get it back easily.
  • If you love to download apps then there is no need to worry about any malware attacks or other security issues because this App scans all the downloaded apps for any potential threats.
  • It provides automatic virus database updates so that you always keep your Smartphone free of any security issues.
  • If your mobile is under attack by hackers and if they try to eavesdrop on your phone then this App detects and removes those suspicious activities generated and keeps your mobile safe.
  • If you insert any external memory card then it is automatically scanned for any potential threats that may be present in it and if any threats found then it removes them without harming your Smartphone.

Some other Anti Viruses while being used in the Smartphones they potential slows down the performance but not in case of Norton Anti Virus & Security. It also provides remote locking of your Smartphone in case if it is stolen by someone hence providing complete security.

Battery life plays an important role for any of the Smartphones because without any battery power your Smartphone will not run. But unlike other Anti Virus Apps this Norton Anti Virus & Security saves battery life and uses minimal power for running its processes. You can remotely wipe all your data on your phone if it gets into wrong hands.

You can download this Norton Anti Virus & Security from the following official link

Norton Mobile Antivirus and Security for Android Smartphones

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