NQ Mobile Security and Anti Virus for Android Smartphones

Now protecting your Smartphone from security risks is easier with NQ Mobile Security & Anti Virus Android Apps. This Anti Virus Android Apps West Coast certified is amazing for any Smartphone users. It doesn’t only provide security for your Android Smartphone but also for your tablet.

With this Android Apps you get complete Internet Security along with malware, spyware and Trojan protection enabled. If you love to browse hours on the Internet and spend time in downloading Apps all the day then NQ Mobile Security & Anti Virus Android Apps provides security against phishing, malicious sites and other security risks that arises every minute over the web. Let us see Features and Tools NQ Mobile Security & Anti Virus provides for various users.

Features of NQ Mobile Security & Anti Virus

NQ Mobile Security and Anti Virus for Android Smartphones

  • If your Smartphone is misplaced, lost or theft by someone then it has become easy to track it down with the help of phone locator feature in this Android Apps.
  • Data backup and restoring is made easy on the go simple and quick.
  • Internet Security plays primary role while browsing over the web so this Android Apps provides best Internet Security against all sort of security risks and safeguard your phone from being hacked and prevents many security problems.
  • Network Manager Feature provides real time traffic on the Internet and provides regular updates on the usages made so that the user doesn’t go beyond the usage limits.
  • Now your Android Smartphone will run faster than before all thanks to the System Optimization tool in this Anti Virus that comes embedded with it.

If there are any Apps that access your personal information and send them over the internet then there is a solution for it and it is provided by Privacy Protection feature in this Android App. It also uninstalls any malicious Apps that are running in background and hence protects against hacking and eavesdropping.

If you like something on the web and opt to download then no need to worry about the Internet Security concerns because it scans all the downloading data in real time and there is no chance of any security risks. So folks download this amazing NQ Mobile Security & Anti Virus Android Apps for your Smartphone and Tablets. You can download this NQ Mobile Security & Anti Virus from the following official link

NQ Mobile Security and Anti Virus for Android Apps Smartphones

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