Office Paper Tearing Gaming with Paper Toss for Android

The usual way to take down the boredom at work is to tear the papers from the sheets that are in front of you over the desk, crimp it and throw it to the waste paper basket, wherever it is placed in the room. This has been a popular game among the office staffs all over the world.

There are times when either they do not have any work for a formidable amount of time or you are simply bored of the work that you are doing. Then this activity is quite natural. The game has been practically played by millions across ages in their offices or even on their study desk.

But this time the Backflip Studios Inc has brought this game for the playing of the same old paper toss in the office. There are various game modes as well as difficulty levels which will make you remind of thee time that you may have spent in office throwing papers in to the trash cans.

Paper Toss Game Office Paper Tearing for Android App

The papers are to be thrown under different circumstances. There are usual competitions between one or two colleagues who are always in the flick to win against you. The whole game play is made more difficult by placing a fan in front of you to stop the paper from getting too far. In this way the game becomes an interesting one in practical life.

But here in this game the paper throw is as tough as in reality, with the various difficulty levels providing more and more hurdles in front of the player to throw the paper in to right place.

The game is for those Android users only. This is a game that has become popular among those owners of the Android phones as this game is nothing new as well as has got those usual levels of difficulties in it which are often tried on to the real papers in the real offices.

The superb graphics presented by the masters of the graphics designers of the company makes the game play more interesting as well as making the players want more from the game. The game does have had those minute fluxes in it, which can be neglected by big times.

The whole game play is made an easy one to attract those players who do not like those skillful arts of game playing in their computers or even in their mobile phones. Thus the game is an easy one, which gets tough with each level that the player passes through. Download the game from

Paper Toss Game Office Paper Tearing for Android App

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