Online and Offline Map Navigation with RMaps for Android

Android Apps are increasing day by day, with every new Mobile Application new features come into existence to provide more and more facilities to users of Android. In this huge collection of Android Applications, we are here to mention variety of features of all Android Application and guide you with best suitable apps for you. So this article will contain features and ability of RMaps which will guide you with its Map Services to locate exact location with accuracy.

RMaps are Navigation tools. There are two types of mode which includes

  • Online Mode
  • Offline Mode

Online Maps can be used to fetch Maps based on the location required by you. Offline Maps Viewer can be used to draw your own Maps on PC which can be stored and used for later use. Some of the facilities available in this Mobile Apps are Search, Auto follow, a Compass, Auto rotate Map, POI.

Features of RMaps Android Apps

RMaps Online and Offline Map Navigation for Android

  • An Offline Map provides three paths to make an Offline Map.
  • You can use Mobile Atlas Creator to create Mobile tools which can help you create your own Maps.
  • Mobile Atlas Creator is a Java Application hence will work on Windows, Linux, Mac OS. It is one of the best method to  create Mobile tools from online resources. Mobile Atlas Creator
  • If you want to opt for some other option, the n you should go for SAS.Planet.
  • You can also create Offline Maps using OziExplorer Map or any scanned paper Map use Map Creator.

It is one of the simplest Maps to use and provide detailed information about the information required by the user. The Speed of the Map is also quite better than other maps applications. It provides a cross hair on the Map, they have also added a new Map and fixes its bug.

Some of the features of this Mobile Apps are – It can Auto rotate (Maps) in driving directions, provides auto-follow functionality, can auto-rotate in northern direction too. You can switch to full screen mode, can switch to wireless and GPS mode and can also go for online search. Their is a compass available on the Map and it also provides accurate results just like Google Maps.

Online Maps provide Google Maps, Yandex Maps, OpenStreetMap Mapnik, OpenStreetMap Osmarenderer and OpenStreetMap Cyclemap. You can download maps as SQL db Maps from PC and use them on Android. You can download this Mobile Apps at

RMaps Online and Offline Map Navigation for Android

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