Online Backup and File Sharing with SpiderOak – Dropbox Alternative

SpiderOak is yet another Dropbox Alternative. The features of SpiderOak are similar to Dropbox. It offers 2GB of free storage space, can sync multiple computers, and provides version history of files. It is an online backup service, a file sharing service and remote access service under one roof named SpiderOak. Apart from that SpiderOak can be used on multiple platforms which includes Windows, Mac and Linux.

Security is the first and foremost feature with SpiderOak just like Dropbox. All data is encrypted locally on the computer before before being uploaded to SpiderOak servers. The data is so secure and safe that even SpiderOak people can’t gain access to your files. With SpiderOak’s “Zero Knowledge” policy which makes very important for the users not to forget their password because the SpiderOak cannot reset password for any user since all the files are encrypted on your computer and then uploaded to the server.

SpiderOak Online Backup and File Sharing Dropbox Alternative

SpiderOak is very easy use whether you are on Windows computer, a Macintosh or a Linux machine. The software behaves and runs similarly on all platforms. To get the backup of some data, just select the file you want to backup, and SpiderOak will manage the rest. SpiderOak regularly scans your system and the folders that you have selected for getting the backup of the latest data and any changes made to the previous files. This feature of SpiderOak makes it a good Dropbox Alternative. A scan can be forced by the user and start a backup of the changed files. There is no automatic or scheduler for making a backup at a particular time.

File sharing has been made easy by SpiderOak for the files that you have already backed up. While some services like Dropbox offers file sharing with separate storage space. With SpiderOak you can share files from yours already backed up files. Simply by clicking on share tab on the software, creating a new Share Room. This is an excellent feature for those who want to share photos of their kids to friends and family without copying the files to another server. Simply perform the backup process and share the latest folders or files.

Using SpiderOak, users can also access all their files over the web by simply logging into their account of SpiderOak. From there they can easily access and download their files using web browser. This gives access to files from anywhere and anytime, just like Dropbox.

The free version of SpiderOak is available, which offer 2GB of free storage. For larger space you will need to subscribe by the month or year. Per month price of 100GB of data is $10.00. Multiple computers can be backed up using one account. Overall SpiderOak is a solid backup service provider perfect for home and business needs. A perfect Dropbox Alternative.

SpiderOak Online Backup and File Sharing Dropbox Alternative

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