Online File Storage with Box.Net – DropBox Alternative’s online file storage is used to securely share the content with anyone and anywhere in this world in the form of shared folder or link. It allows to store your data online and allows you to get functions like sharing, adding comments, discussions and assigning tasks and creating new data. This also features applications for the iPhone and iPad. started in the 2005 and resently they have started the desktop version same like Dropbox one. The Windows version of is called as “Sync” and it is supported with all the versions of windows like

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • 32 & 64 bit Windows and Mac OS versions.

Online File Storage with Box.Net - DropBox Alternative

It is also supported with most of the mobile OS like Android Blackberry and mobile site It provides a secured, good quality and robust services for the enterprise customers. Custom plans can be arranged according to one’s business need. Enterprise customers also get some extra features to like shared folders, user management, security, document versions and more. It also provides you to use many applications and services like Google Applications and For any business needs to start with the cloud based solutions is available here.

With the comparison with Dropbox provides you 5GB and Dropbox provides you only 2GB. provides you a friendly user interface which make it a better Dropbox Alternative. Apart with all the features of 5GB free space but user doesn’t get to sync there desktop with it. They can only upload/download from the site where as Dropbox creates a folder in your desktop which allows to sync the data with the cloud which is placed in the folder in desktop.

And this feature is only available for the Enterprise customer and the plan starts with $45 per month. it also has restrictions in the size of file sharing. The maximum size of file sharing allowed is 25MB not more then that.

There are some more features which are provided only to the Enterprise customers only such as Password-protection for the shared files or folders facility will not be provided in free account. And with this there is a file limit of 2GB with both in free account and enterprise account there is no other cloud services which keeps the limit is the size of the file.

It is a good cloud storage solution which we will recommend you to use as in business you can save a lot of money by using this facility and for home based purpose free account is there to use so no need to worry about the cost

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