Organize Songs and Improve Singing Lyrics with TunePrompter for Mac

There are many users who love listening to music and like to collect all their favorite songs. But the problem actually occurs when the user has the collection of songs but finds it difficult everytime when he has to retrieve a particular song from such a huge collection. So here comes a player which will not only help you organize your songs collection and also provides you with the lyrics of songs for you to improve your talent of singing. This karaoke Software is named as TunePrompter.

There are many karaoke software, but this one is known for its simplicity. Hence reducing the complicity in making use of software, along with many facilities. It allows you to create your own videos, exporting them to iPod, iPhone, QuickTime or AppleTV format (which TunePrompter automatically does for you) and then burning the results to disc.

Features of TunePrompter 

TunePrompter Karaoke Songs Improve Singing Lyrics for Mac

  • Easy to use
  • Open TunePromptor
  • Automatically searches for lyrics
  • Supports mp3’s
  • Click your spacebar along with the music to teach TunePrompter
  • Load your favorite songs
  • Exports to QuickTime, iPod and iPhone
  • Sync is an easy task

The procedure of using this karaoke is very simple. You just have to install this karaoke and start loading your karaoke tracks. Then you have to click on search lyrics tool which will automatically search for right lyrics for your song in the web and display you with that song lyrics. But you will have to paste the lyrics into the TunePrompter and then click sync lyrics, therefore your lyrics will synchronize with the song and will be displayed on the screen whenever the song is played.

Once you have completed the above procedure then  go to Preferences, select the format you want to export to and you’re done. The only drawback of this software is that it does not consist of inbuilt songs you will have to load it and use in it.  It is not a good idea of loading in the original MP3 because the real vocals will drown-out yours! Though this Mac Software you can also connect your iKaraoke microphone to your iPod and you’re on. iKaraoke removes the vocals from your video, allowing you to karaoke anytime, and anywhere.

The Mac Tools of this player allow you to customize your player and also allow you to upload your own videos in it. It is worth spending time with which is available absolutely free online. You can download this at

TunePrompter Karaoke Songs Improve Singing Lyrics for Mac

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