Part 1 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012

If you missed the Google giant’s Developer Conference 2012 then don’t feel because you are going to get all the details right here in this post. So first let me give you an overview of the followings that were the major announcements-

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google Nexus 7, Google Glass Demo and Explorer Edition, Google+ events, Google Nexus Q Streaming Device Launch.

It may look very short to you but I will give you in detail explanation for all the above listed news.

Android Jelly Bean Launch and Jelly Bean Features

It was not at all a surprise for the users as there were already some rumors over the internet that Google was going to launch a new Android OS shortly. But now it has been officially announced. The main reason behind the launch of this latest OS is to tie together the drop of CPU power and run it more efficiently for every Android device. A demo was showed by Google in order to show its efficiency by showing a high speed camera to record the difference in performance between a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich against the same model phone using Jelly Bean and as expected the results were amazing to see.

Part 1 – Announcements and News from Google I/O Developer Conference 2012

But before this demo they also talked about the project Butter. This project aims at smoothing and more effective use of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Project Butter in coordination with Jelly Bean has many improvements in Video and Graphics. It also has many improvements like VSync, Triple Buffering and Touch Responsiveness. Hold on tight folks because the future is more amazing and faster with this Jelly Bean. And Google also announced that from now it will not only provide SDK but will also provide PDK (Platform Development Kit). With this hardware manufacturers can develop their hardwares to make best out of this latest Android OS.

Offline Speech Recognizer and Voice Typing

Now this news will definitely make you go wild. You already know that Google Speech to text uses data connection for connecting to their Databases and retrieving the results. If you are tight on money and don’t want to spend cash on data charges then there is an amazing news that now there is Offline Speech Recognizer and Voice Typing. You heard it right folks now Jelly bean comes with offline speech recognizer which will enable you to use your voice commands and Voice Typing by being offline.

Improved Camera and Photo Actions with Gestures

As already discussed Butter project will enable smooth operations with Jelly Bean. The swiping of photos which are already taken by the users is just like slicing through butter with latest photo actions and gestures. Google also mentioned that it will add a Filmstrip view so that the users can have faster photo navigation through. For better and friendly user experience now you can crop photos for sharing on your favorite Social Media. You can even swipe away images that you want to delete with a swift finger motion.

Better Predictive Keyboard

Now it has become easy for the users who are beginners in typing. With this latest Jelly Bean technology it has become easier for you to write on the screen because it will provide a better predictive next word that you are about to type. By this way it will surely save your time and hence proving to be the better option among all features.

Intelligent and Resizable Widgets

Are you frustrated that your widgets are not resizable and take more space on your Smartphone or device’s home screen? Then this problem is solved with this latest Jelly Bean OS. In this you can have resizable widgets that can compress themselves into any place among other widgets on the screen. I will explain you this way take for an example you want to have YouTube widget on your home screen and you already have many short cuts and other widgets on screen so no need to worry because when you drag in that widget it will automatically resize itself according to the space.

Voice Search

The youth is so busy these days that they don’t have time to type and search. Rather they use Voice Search for their resulting purposes. And now a day Voice Search is a competing feature with Apple’s Siri. Now you can expect Google the next giant competitor for Apple to look out for.

Improved Notifications

A notification is one thing that you cannot imagine an Android Device without it. And the good news is that there is a makeover. In Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Notifications have got much more stylish. Now it has become faster for you to interact with Alerts and messages with this all new OS. Folks don’t forget to see the part 2 of the day 1 followed by this post.

Stay stuned for more updates on Google I/O Developer Conference 2012 – Part 2.

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